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  1. Hi Elizabeth I now know why you took Eschatology Today off your LINKS section. The blogger is VERY Armenian and condescending to those of us who believe the Scriptural truth of eternal security. No more visiting his site for me. Thanks Elizabeth ! In Christ Larry

    1. Hi Larry,

      You're welcome. Thanks for letting me know. Often times a site will be good for a while but then start to decline. The decline is incremental, hard to detect at first- in both the administrators and the readers. That's why I always appreciate my readers letting me know that they see I stand on scriptural truth. It lets me know my feet are still on the center line of that narrow path. If or when I start to drift off I want to know about it right away, because I know others will see it first, before I do in myself.

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I just (9/22/16) came across your blog. Is there a way to get in touch with you (email?) that I can ask a question (full of personal history)without being irrelevant or too lengthy in your blog site?

    1. Sure you can email. Email is under 'About This Blog' tab. Thanks!


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